Monday, January 11, 2010

Introducing my family

A year ago, I read a book about step-parenting in preparation for my marriage.  I have three beautiful stepkids, two stepdaughters and one stepson, and I'm so proud of my husband.  We first participated in marraige prep (pre-Cana), and we took a Natural Family Planning (NFP) class.  I then took two stepfamily workshops through my employer, and I read up on the challenges of being a stepmom.

Notice the separation.  I tried and tried to find a piece of writing that combines the two topics: Catholic advice on becoming a step-parent.  The closest I came was a question on our marraige prep test that asked how we each feel about caring for other children.  That's it.

So, I returned to psychology and other writings.  Secular writings are well-meaning, and Christian writings are better although they don't approach the depths of this beautifully Catholic understanding of marraige.  Troubles are often treated in terris tones--well done, and completely truthful, but you'd think that the goal of every situation is "to make this step-family successful" until the kids are grown.  I say the goal is much deeper and longer-lasting: the goal is to get us all, lovingly, to heaven. 

So here I am!  I know love, hope, and frustration. I know the rosary and a few things about guilt and responsibility! If there are any other Catholic stepmoms and stepkids feeling bereft of Catholic advice, you and your insights are welcome.

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  1. Hi Michelle
    I'm a stepmum, but not Catholic (actually, I'm agnostic, but we don't need to go there!).
    I noticed, though, that you are keen to make connections with other Catholic stepmothers.
    I read and I think that Lindy, the author, is Catholic. You may have already encountered her blog, but if not, I hope you find it enjoyable. She has a great sense of humour.
    Good luck with your family.