Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One of the most enjoyable facets of this summer's visit from the kids was seeing the two girls bonding as sisters!  They did each other's hair, picked out clothes, listened to music, attended a quincenera with a certain significant boy (!), and Kayla gave some of her pretty, outgrown dresses to Nethanya.

It makes me miss my sisters!  I loved the special occasions when the three of us would get ready for an event.  With clothing, shoes and jewelery strewn about, lots of trading and borrowing, and boys thumping around in their fancy shoes on the other side of the house...well, there's just something delicious about it all!

I have a new goal:  hubby, please let's have however many children it takes to have at least two boys and two girls, so they can each know what it's like to have brothers and sisters!

-Shelley Gracia

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  1. I'm also a catholic stepmom. And I'd love to have someone with whom I could speak, commiserate and learn. Do you update in another location? I'd love to read more!