Friday, August 19, 2011

Tommy, Tippo & Hippo

The most interesting conversation came up no less than three times this summer.

My two younger stepkids have very different approaches to life and intelligence. My stepson is very emotional, with deeply accurate intuition. My stepdaughter is logical! With a great deal of forward-thinking, accurate analysis. She’s very interested in consequences and simple black-and-white truths.

Like Augustine and Aquinas, who arrived at the same correct theological conclusions via two very different paths.  My stepdaughter identified herself as a "Tommy" (it helps that her big sister is interested in the University of St. Thomas, too) and her brother as a "Hippo."

Tippo would be me—if left entirely to my own devices I’d lean toward Augustine, but I have a mathematical side that shows more often than I’d like because of the usual “adult stuff” (managing finances, scheduling activities, etc.). Not to worry, the logical side isn’t all by necessity—rearranging furniture, tracking expenses and organizing bookshelves are refreshing! So I “tip” back and forth.

Hubby, by the way, spends his work hours Tippo and home life Hippo.

Profiles and literature:

St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Thomas Aquinas


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